Villeneau Rohart Simon is a Multi-Bar Partnership of Professional Lawyers whose registered office is situate at 72 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris.

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It is entered in the Paris Register of Companies and Businesses under number 314 101 726 (Siret no. 314 101 726 000 60).

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Villeneau Rohart Simon & Associés (“VRS”) is a French law firm (“Société Civile Professionnelle d’Avocats”) whose registered office is situate at 72 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris with a branch office at 2 rue Edmond Rostand, 13006 Marseilles (EU VAT N° FR48314101726). It consists exclusively of Partners and Assistant Lawyers who are duly admitted to the Paris and/or Marseilles Bar.

Every request for Services (the “Services”) by a physical or legal person (the “Client”) who instructs VRS to protect its interests is subject to the present General Terms and Conditions as well as to the particular terms specifically agreed in the form of a Fee Agreement. In the event of any conflict between the present General Terms and Conditions and the particular conditions, the latter shall prevail.


Article 1 – Purpose of Services

The Services of VRS consist in the field of consultation of providing the Client with legal advice appropriate to his needs, and in matters of litigation consist of assisting and/or representing the Client as claimant or defendant in all disputes through negotiation and/or contentious proceedings in all forums and jurisdictions in matters of litigation.


Article 2 – Client’s Request for Services

Upon receiving a request for Services whether oral or written, VRS checks that there is no conflict of interests in the matter at stake. VRS are obliged to verify the identity of each client and the legality of the operations envisaged. In particular VRS are obliged to declare to Tracfin any situation which may seem suspect. The Client is therefore required to provide the following information upon opening the file: first name and surname or corporate status, domicile or address of registered office, VAT number, email address, telephone number, Kbis extract for French companies (or equivalent extract from the corporate and trade registers abroad for foreign companies).


Article 3 – Computation of fees

Services are invoiced on the basis of chargeable hours spent in the performance thereof at the hourly rate in force for each lawyer involved, which is revised each calendar year.

Services may in addition be remunerated on the basis of the results achieved by VRS. In such case the principle and formula for the success fee must be fixed before the event signalling the success occurs. Fees calculated on an hourly basis remain due in any event, independently of success.


Article 4 – Costs and Disbursements

Specific costs and disbursements expended by VRS in performance of their Services, including the fees of outside service providers (bailiffs, experts, interpreters, French or foreign correspondents, etc) shall be borne by the Client.


Article 5 – Invoices

Value Added Tax at the rate in force shall where required be added to the cost of Services provided.

Invoices issued by VRS are payable no later than thirty (30) days of delivery to the Client. In the event of failure to pay within this period, interest or late payment penalties shall be due to VRS by application of the legal provisions in force as referred to in the invoice. In the event of failure to pay beyond this period, VRS shall in their sole discretion be entitled to suspend performance of all further Services until payment in full of the sums due for the Services performed, subject to compliance with the rules governing the legal profession.


Article 6 – Professional Liability

VRS are responsible for the proper performance of their Services as defined by the rules governing the legal profession. VRS may only be liable in the event of negligence on their part and only within the limits of their professional civil liability insurance.

VRS are insured for professional civil liability with first class insurers appointed by the Paris Bar. The name of the insurers and terms of cover shall be provided to the Client upon request.


Article 7 – Professional Privilege

VRS are subject to the rules which govern and protect professional privilege as defined by article 66-5 of statute no. 71-1130 of 31st December 1971 reforming certain judicial and legal professions, and by article 2 of the first part of the internal rules of the Paris Bar.


Article 8 – End of Services Performed – Archives

Within two months after the end of the Services performed VRS shall upon request return the documents entrusted to them by the Client. The other documents in the file shall be archived. Upon expiry of the period required by law for the preservation thereof, these other documents shall be destroyed unless the Client requests otherwise.


Article 9 – Termination

Both the Client and VRS shall have the right to end the Services, in particular if the Client defaults in settlement of fees, costs and disbursements payable to VRS on the due date. VRS may exercise this right only upon giving reasonable prior notice to the Client, subject to compliance by VRS with the rules governing the legal profession.


Article 11 – Applicable law

The present General Terms and Conditions are governed by French law.

Any dispute in relation to the present General Terms and Conditions regarding the amount or recover of fees, costs and disbursements by VRS shall in default of agreement between the parties be settled in accordance with the procedure laid down by articles 174 et sequitur of Decree no. 9-1197 of 27th November 1991 regulating the legal profession.

The party seeking resolution shall refer the dispute to the Chairman of the Paris Bar.