Practice Areas

Villenau Rohart Simon provides its services in legal advice, litigation, arbitration and mediation and is highly reputed for its expertise in the following fields:



Maritime law

admiralty (collisions / towing / salvage / shipwrecks /oil pollution /damage to port installations...)

carriage by sea (goods / passengers) and charterparties

sale / construction / repairs / classification of ships (merchant / leisure boats / super yachts)

arrests / attachments (ships, cargos, bank accounts ...)

marine insurance /P&I Clubs

marine employment law (strikes, blockades ...)


Transport law (road, air, inland waterways)

carriage (goods / passengers) by road, air and inland waterways

freight forwarding / agency / CMR

transport insurance


Commercial law and industrial / environmental risks

national and international sales

raw materials and commodity trade

breach of commercial contracts

debt recovery / interlocutory measures

industrial accidents / damage to the environment

building construction defects